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Terms and Conditions

1) Legally any customer walking in any shop placed an order and makes payment, automatically Terms and conditions of that shop applies upon them. It is customer`s own responsibility to ask for terms and conditions and after reading terms and conditions client can make decision whether they want to place order or not. Bright Printing is not forcing any clients to place order if they are not happy with our terms and conditions.

2) Since it is clearly written on the back board in our shop that terms and conditions apply. Please visit our website. our staff members are not obliged to inform every single customer to visit our website for terms and conditions.

3) Once an order is placed with bright printing you automatically comply and all terms and conditions apply upon you mentioned on our website

4) We can add or remove any terms and conditions without prior notice to our customers

5) It is clients own responsibility to check Bright Printing Terms and conditions. It is clearly written in the shop that Terms and conditions apply to all orders placed.

6) Every Customer walking in our shop automatically agrees to our terms and conditions. Although it is clearly mentioned on our receipt and displayed in our shop as well that Terms and Conditions Apply Check our website for details.

Completed Orders

1) Once any Order is completed, it is customer`s own responsibility to check it thoroughly before leaving the shop. if customer leaves the shop along with the goods it means customer is 100% satisfied with the goods regardless of the item ordered is incomplete, not up to their specifications , not done properly, defective or any other issue associated.

2) Once customer has taken any order from our office its their responsibility to thoroughly check it and take it, we shall not take any responsibility once order is taken outside the premises.


3) our Prices may vary compared to what is advertised please enquire first before placing order. Free items advertised may not be supplied if we are out of stock. it is clients own responsibility to count the product before they leave the premises since finished product may vary in quantity.

4) Any special requirements must be informed to our member of team in advance otherwise we will consider you would like us to adopt our own methods to finish the product.

Time Frame & Delays:

1) All Time frames mentioned to client is just for general reference only, jobs can delay.

2) If any client wants any order completed or any order delivered on a particular day or time then a written signed agreement between Bright Printing and Customer must be made. otherwise all orders shall be treated with indefinite time for order completion or order delivery regardless of what ever verbal date of order completion or order delivery is communicated to customer by Bright Printing Staff member. All verbal dates mentioned are for reference only.

3) Order placed with us shall not have any deadline for artwork, or any kind of process unless agreed upon and written on order form.

4) We do not take any responsibility of time frame with regards to design or printing unless agreed upon in writing, whereas if interrupted by customer we cannot guarantee finishing order on time. 

5) All time frames given to customers are estimates only there may be delays in designing printing or delivery of order. We do not take any responsibility what so ever.

6) Once designs are made it may take 8-10 working days or more for orders completion. whereas deposit or any payment paid does not guarantee order delivery on specific date .

7) We do not promise for any date of completion, even if promised to client delays can happen due to any unseen reasons.

8) Unless there is written agreement between client and Bright Printing , any verbal dates given to client for order delivery are just for reference only , bright printing still reserve the right to delay or postpone order delivery indefinitely. If client wants their order delivered on or before a specific date then client must ask for a written signed contract from Bright Printing which will show exact delivery date.


1) All Bright Printing Products and Services are not refundable.

2) Services such as Designing, Website building and other services are also not refundable. 

3) It is clients responsibility to check and verify all details before making final payment this applies to all Bright Printing products, We do not take any responsibility once final payment is made and client has taken their products outside Bright Printing shop. It is strongly recommended they check for defects in our shop before they take products  home or making final payment. With Final payment made and product taken out side our shop by client means client is 100% satisfied, therefore no refunds shall be issued.

4) It is clients own responsibility to ask for samples before making any decision upon buying product.

5) Bright Printing does not give any guarantee or warranty on any of their products. It is clients own responsibility to thoroughly check the product before they leave the shop. Bright Printing Shall not make any kind of partial or full refunds in case of goods found damaged once client has taken the products out side the shop.

6) Bright Printing Products does not come with any kind of guarantee not even one day. products especially Pull up banners, Exhibitions frames, pavement boards, and all bright printing products do not come with any kind of guarantee. It is customer`s own responsibility to thoroughly check each and every item before leaving shop. if found faulty afterwards Bright Printing reserve the right to NOT issue any kind of refunds.

7) Once client has paid the deposit it means client is happy with our services , product and terms and conditions, once client has paid the final payment it means client is happy with final product and once client has left the shop with goods it means client is happy with the product and services and therefore there will be no refunds what so ever. even when client finds fault in final product. it is entirely client`s own responsibility to check the final product before making final payment this applies to all our products and services.

8) All product and services issues, defects, or any other related issue must be reported to Bright Printing with in 7 days. Such reporting must be done by visiting Bright Printing shop in which case Bright Printing staff member will assess the product and will issue a Ticket number and give that number to client along with compliance slip.

9) Bright Printing reserve right to take indefinite time to resolve an issue.

Order Cancellation and Charges

1) there will be 50% cancellation charges, once an order is placed and client has paid for it. regardless that order is executed or not. Since we order supplies and spend our time analysing / designing client`s artwork. 

2) when customer place an order and Artwork is designed by bright printing, due to any circumstances including the fact the customer is not happy with the design, customer decides to cancel the order 50% of the payment will be refunded only and remaining shall be used towards design cost whereas non of the payment shall be refunded if total payment or deposit is equal to cost of designing.

3) Once order is placed with Bright Printing client agrees to give up all their statuary / consumer rights and all other associated rights. If clients are not happy they are advised not to place order with Bright Printing.

4) We reserve the right of cancellation of any order, even a dead line is given or not to client and we reserve the right of deducting payment from total payment for all the efforts we have placed.

5) Bright Printing can cancel the order once it is started and even when order is complete Bright Printing can either cancel the order or refund a small portion of total payment to avoid that defected order.

6) In case any order is not done on time or not met the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel that order.

7) There will be 50% Cancellation charge on deposit if customer chooses to withdraw their work. Purpose of taking deposit is to avoid such situation in which customer refuses to carry on with the order and we end up spending all the physical and mental  efforts to finish the order including time spent on artwork. 

8) In some cases full deposit can be confiscated, depending upon efforts put in to the customer`s order which is completely up to Bright Printing to decision. 

9) Bright Printing reserve the right to cancel any order at any time due to any reason. Full or Partial payment shall be refunded as per Bright Printing decision.

Proofs and Approvals:

1) Once proof is approved customer cannot change the artwork and we shall not reprint or refund payment to customer

2) It is responsibility  of customer to thoroughly check artwork for design , spelling, colour, , blurr, pixilation, settings, or any other kind of error, Bright Printing experts cannot be held responsible for that even if customer has provided a written document with correct spellings and design once artwork is designed and approved by customer it will be customer`s own responsibility not Bright Printing.

3) We bright Printing shall not approve any order on customer`s behalf.

4) Artwork shown on screen or in printed form once bulk printing is carried out customer can expect change in colours ,alignment, printing, etc, orders are processed and carried out on customer`s own risk.

5) Allowable changes on menus and other designs is only allowed once, after that any more changes to designs will be charges at £30 per change. this is to avoid customers keep on coming back to us with changes which not only waste our time but also delays customer order.

6) we do not take any responsibility of colours that you see on our printed proof or computer screen. Once order is completed colours and printing may look different then computer screen proof and printed proof

7) Colours as appear on the screen may vary once printed.

8) Proofs approved verbally or written shall be considered as final indication to us to proceed to print.

9) Verbal proofs approved  shall be considered as proof approved in presence of Muhammad Shakil and one of Bright Printing`s appointed person. once customer has verbally approved in presence of two bright printing members it shall be legally considered as legal binding and proof shall be considered as approved.

10) It is not bright printing`s responsibility to check for spellings , designs and any kind of error.

Complains Handling Department (Compliance) :

1) All complaints / Grievences must be e-mailed to our compliance team at  [email protected] and shall not be dealt with over the phone or in office.


1) Once an order is placed before we proceed full payment is required, unless its up to staff to take some deposit and proceed with order.

Data Protection and ownership:

1) All artworks made by bright printing shall remain bright printing property. including those designs which were given by customer for minor or major alterations, after alterations remains bright printing property and their use without our written consent shall not be permitted.

2) There are two types of charges -  Designing charges and Copy Right Charges. When a customer is quoted designing charges it does not mean that design becomes the property of client. if client wants to have the design they will have to pay additional charges to buy the copy right of that design from Bright Printing. In addition, Bright Printing reserve the right to decline transfer of copy right of any design to any customer. This condition applies to all Bright Printing Products including Leaflets, Menus, Websites, etc.

3) We at Bright Printing comply strictly with date protection act and does not share any client information to any third party.

4) Designing Charge of any artwork including Menus, Leaflets, Business card, Banners, etc, is not refundable and copyright charge will be atleast £200 depending upon type of design. Bright Printing Staff may or may not give design to client in un-editable format such as JPEG in low resolution with bright printing watermark to customer without charging for copyright charges, whereas all editable file formats such as Photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator files, publisher, and other editable file formats must be charged to customer atleast £200. Therefore client will pay for design charge + Editable file charge separately to Bright Printing.

5) We Bright printing are not responsible to provide special fonts to any customer along with editable file format even bought by client from us.

Order Placed:

1) It is customer`s own Responsibility to Provide us with correct information and check if all the information on the order form is correct and up to date.

Garment Printing:

1) At bright printing we only do two types of Garment printing Vinyl Printing and Laser Transfer. Both methods have their own limitations, advantages and disadvantages. Since Printing is not part of the garments therefore it can come off any time. Bright printing does not take any responsibility of garment printing, printing quality, printing colours, cracks, or any associated issues and it is customer`s own responsibility to enquire about what type of printing they will get at bright printing.

2) Vinyl Garment Printing is usually more durable then laser transfer, whereas since it is not part of the garment it can come off any time. since garments are flexible especially T-shirts Vinyl will eventually come off which can be take days or months.

3) Laser transfer is less durable then any other types of printing. upon stretching it can easily crack or deform. We do not take any responsibility for any kinds of cracks that might happen. 

4) Laser transfers are not washable. Although it is water proof up to certain extent but it is not suitable for washing by means of washing machine, hand scrubbing or any other medium.

5) For any kind of garments printed we do not make any refunds. it is customers own responsibility before taking printed garments out of the shop they are 100% satisfied. we do not take any responsibility or issue any refunds once garment is taken out of the shop.

6)  level of elasticity in garment to garment varies similarly level of elasticity in laser transfer and vinyl varies. such variations cause printing on garment less durable ,stretched , distorted or cracked images, Bright Printing does not take any responsibility for such issues.

7) For types of Garment orders Bright Printing will decide the font size, printing size, etc, which can depend upon size of garment, type of garment, available printing area, cost and availability of stock.

8) All orders taken are read before client final time, once client has agreed and left the shop , order will be processed accordingly, order are placed on order form. it is clients own responsibility to ask for copy of signed order form from bright printing for their own records, if client does not ask for copy it means they are happy for us to proceed. Bright Printing does not take any responsibility if client says during order collection or after that their order was not processed as per their instructions. Bright Printing shall only take responsibility once client produce copy of bright printing signed formal order form on which instructions are different then order produced.


a) The ownership of Website designed, hosting , Domain name, remains property of Bright Printing. Regardless client has paid for Design charge or hosting charge or domain name or due to any reason, Website design file and domain name remains property of Bright Printing. Bright Printing has the right to shut down the website when they feel is necessary due to any reason.

b) Bright Printing Terms and conditions stand as contractual agreement between both parties (client and Bright Printing). 

1) We always show client their website template on our system before we proceed. At very first visit if client is not happy with website or our service they must ask for refund straight away otherwise we will consider client is happy with the product and would like us to proceed with the changes and would like us to carry on working on the website, in which case there will be no refunds to client what so ever.

2) once a website is designed on the template shown , once finalized there will be no refunds.

3) Any spelling errors or grammar errors can be corrected any content can be changed whereas client has no right to ask for refund once client has approved the template at first meeting and we moved on to final stages

4) website Domain names remain property of Bright Printing. Unlike our rivals and other website providers in the Market, We work differently , Websites are given to clients on Rental basis therefore we keep the rights of ownership of Domain name, Hosting and Design File to ourselves. The only way Client can have ownership of domain name is when they buy the domain name themselves and pay domain name subscription themselves and we just provide them with the settings they need to insert in domain name C-Pannel in order to link website with domain name.

5) Once direct debit is setup, it take few days to process, once client comes to us and would like to cancel direct debit, those payments which are already submitted forward for collection to bank shall not be refunded via Direct Debit.Unless management decides to refund by means other then direct debit.

5.a) It is entirely client`s own responsibility to make sure their payments are being taken, Bright Printing is not responsible to inform client that their payments have declined or not collected, unless necessary.

5.b) If direct debit payments decline due to any reason, Bright Printing reserves the right to cancel , permanently suspend rented website, after serving 14 days notice to the e-mail provided by client during direct debit set up.

5.c) It is client`s own responsibility to thoroughly check if their direct debit information is correct. Bright Printing will not take any responsibility if information provided by client is wrong or misleading.

5.d) If any direct debit declines we may give 3-4 months time to our client, sometimes client bank may not have sufficient funds, etc. but once formal notice is served to client they need to clear the payment with in 14 days unless previous payments plan is settled down between both parties.

6) For cancellation of Website and Landline payments client must give us 30 days notice in advance. Any payment due during that period shall be collected and future payments will be cancelled as per our policy

7)  In case of Website the purpose of showing a website to client is to ensure that client likes the template, if they dont we can make changes to the template or change the template completely. In both cases client must inform what they would like us to do. in case client proceeds with the same template , we would consider they are happy with the layout and they would like us to proceed to finish the product, in which case Bright Printing UK Ltd shall not issue any kind of refunds.

8) In case client has not provided us with full details Bright Printing UK Ltd shall use dummy information on client`s website to fill up spaces. these spaces are later on replaced with client`s own information. This is done due to the fact that it gives a general idea to our client what sort of information they should be looking for and what kind of impression that information will give on their website.

9) Once a client has requested to remove their website or once it is removed due to missing monthly payment or other related payments , in order to put it back online will incur £100 charge.

10) There can be limited number of issues a client can point out, either they do`nt like the template of website at all at very first time when we show them their website look in which case client can request for refund, if refund is not requested it automatically means either client would like us to make changes to the existing template or they are completely satisfied and would like us to proceed as per our current progress in which case there will be no refunds. Client can point out amendments or changes but they cannot request for refund since our team has spent time ,energy and resources to finalize the website and client cannot just at the very end request any kind of refunds. and any payment due must be made by client otherwise we reserve the right to not only seize the deposit paid but also to remove website.

11) Their are only limited changes we can do to website template, some website templates can be altered as per client`s needs and some cannot be altered, those changes will be informed to our client at first viewing, if they have any special changes or requirements for their website it must be informed at first viewing of website, if not informed then we reserve the right to make alterations as per our capability and not client`s choice. 

12) At first viewing of website if client is not happy with template design and not requested the refund, our team will offer client with changes on the existing template , if client has still not requested refund it will automatically mean that they want us to proceed with changes on existing template , we shall not use a different template unless client has 100% declined the existing  template shown to them at first viewing of website.

13) we do not take any responsibility of e-mails we set up for you. we will only show you that you can receive and send e-mails but once customer leaves the shop we do not take any responsibility. customer has to remember e-mails are for correspondence not data storage, each e-mail comes with approximately 250MB or less storage approximately, therefore it is client`s responsibility to make appropriate backup and save their files separately and keep deleting previous e-mails especially ones with heavy files. client will not receive e-mails if their storage capacity is exhausted.

13.a) Due to any reason when any website is cancelled or permanently suspended, the e-mail service is also cancelled and suspended permanently. This may result in total loss of client`s e-mail correspondences they were using, Bright Printing take no responsibility for the loss of client`s e-mails.

14) once a website is set up client can make only one more alteration which should not take our more then 10 minutes of our time (we decide and inform customer how much time change might take). for any future changes we shall quote client how much it will cost them for each changes. this is to avoid abuse of of our service once product is delivered.

15) If customer continue to provide data for their website after first viewing, it means customer would like us to finish their website, in which case we will continue to put our efforts , time and energy in building of client`s website , in which case their will be no refunds.

16) Website and its associated products such as Domain name, Hosting and website designing and all associated files remains the property of Bright Printing and any rights such as admin log in, passwords shall not be given to any customer.

17) All websites designed even if they have clients own provided information , pictures, etc shall remain property of Bright Printing and bright printing reserves the right to cancel any subscription or delete , block or stop any website without any notice.

18) E-mail service is a complimentary service Bright Printing provides in which only one e-mail is assigned to customer of website, if requested. any other e-mails shall be charged as per Bright Printing pricing. Bright Printing assign limited space quota to every e-mail provided this is to avoid customers to use email service as storage service. This limited space means they will not receive e-mails after they exhaust their quota. in order to avoid that clients are strongly recommended to forward and save their e-mails somewhere else and keep deleting old and heavy e-mails. Bright Printing does not take any kind of responsibility related with e-mails. 

19) Just like Websites , All Landline numbers remains property of bright printing as well. Bright Printing has the right to cancel, delete, stop or block any number without prior notice to any client. Landline numbers are given on rental basis to our clients if rent is not paid Bright Printing reserve the right to cancel those numbers and subscription also once any number is cancels it is not necessary Bright Printing shall be able to re-store that number again.

20) If any client cancels website monthly subscription their website will be deactivated and when associated domain name is visited it will either show bright printing website, or website unavailable or any other content bright printing wish to place. If website subscription is not paid for 6 months then that website will be permanently removed or deleted hence customer will have to pay for designing charges once again.

21) We do not transfer any website , we do not save website on hard disk or any storage device. Websites remain property of Bright Printing. We also do not allow hosting client website of client`s favorite hosting providers.

22) Although customer pays for website designing but ultimately that website still remains Bright Printing property. Designing payment is just to get things online. if customer wants to buy copy right of design there will be additional charges which will be alot more then initial design charges and Bright Printing reserve the right to decline transfer of copy right.

Landline Number

1) We are unable to change the destination mobile / landline number for client`s virtual  landline numbers. We will only be forwarding calls to the number provided initially. otherwise there will be charge of £50.

2) Once a landline is set up we do not take any responsibility for client`s landline since we act as middle party between client and main supplier. all client`s grievances are with main supplier and we can facility the correspondence. by buying landline number from us client is showing their consent that not only we do not have to inform the main supplier`s name but also that we will be acting as correspondent and that client shall not be communicating with them directly and that what every main supplier  decides and corresponded to client will be final words.

3) Landline numbers remains the property of Bright Printing UK Ltd and we only rent the numbers to our clients. we reserve the right to revoke , cancel or stop the service of provided number upon our own discretion. 

4) client can only divert landline number to their choice of UK based network (destination number) once only, if client wants to change the diverted destination number it will cost them £25 for each time.

5) once client has exhausted their free minutes which is approximately 1000 minutes per month they will be charged for each call they receive up to 10p per minute.


 Above mentioned terms and conditions are part of main terms and conditions, there are many more Bright Printing terms and conditions which are not mentioned above. Copy of those terms and conditions can be found from our shop. Please visit our shop and request Bright Printing staff member for those terms and conditions not mentioned above.

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