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Dear Students:

Students are one of our main priorities. We are based in the heart of two well knows universities, 
Sheffield University and Sheffield Halam University. 

Sometimes university specifications can be little bit confusing, for example, some students are required to do spiral binding, but when you go to shop they do Wire binding , Comb binding or thermal binding, whereas wire and comb both use spirals for binding so which one is required by university!!! Printing Expert had meeting with your university staff to clarify these things. And now we know what your university requirements are, so come to us with confidence.

We understand all your orders are of high important. 
Your orders can be Urgent because substitution deadline might be near, 
Your order needs Quality Paper and Quality Printing to bring good impression on your supervisor, 
Your order must be with in your budget because you are student not employed personal
Your order must be kept secret because it is your years and years of hard work and dedication
And you should find everything in one shop to save your precious time.

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